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Performance Centre

The Malmö Academy of Music is one of the few music institutions in the world that applies psychology of music knowledge and research in its performance programmes in music. The Performance Centre (PC) strives to highlight and implement scientific and psychological methods and knowledge within performance, psychology of music and sports psychology for music students.

Cellist perforiming together with pianist

PC consists of practical activities in groups, seminars, workshops and lab sessions in which the student can test and develop their practice based on relevant research and methodology within psychology.

•.  The Performing Human Being course, which is part of the performance programme in music, is a central part of PC.
•   PC is to be a meeting place for music and psychology students for exchanging experiences and knowledge of music/theatre and psychology. Students from the different fields are to be encouraged and supported to carry out degree projects together. 
•   PC will have a virtual meeting place with the possibility to discuss issues in closed, strictly moderated groups, for example, on Facebook or the department’s website. 
•   Therapeutic treatment is not carried out in groups or individually at PC. 
•   PC collaborates with institutions such as the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and Malmö University.
•  In the long term, PC strives to be a dynamic organisation with monthly workshops, seminars, reviews of new research within the discipline, and to be accessible.

People connected to the network

Francisca Skoogh, pianist, Psychologist, Instructor in Piano, PhD Candidate in Artistic Research in Music at Malmö Academy of Music
francisca [dot] skoogh [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se

Per Johnsson, Psychologist, University Lecturer, Department of Psychology

Simon Granér, Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychology

The Performing Human Being – a unique course for musicians 

"You just have to practice enough, and everything will be fine!"

Is it really that simple? Why does it feel so hard and such a struggle at times? The course aims to provide psychological knowledge about how we function on stage and as performers. It covers topics that may be of interest to music students at the university to further develop and deepen psychological aspects of their musicianship.

The course includes lectures, seminars and group work on learning, memorization as well as mental, cognitive and psychological processes at for example performances and rehearsals. There will also be an opportunity for participants to raise specific problems, situations, or other issues that relate to the topic for us as a group to work with.

 The Performing Human Being is based on student active participation, their reflections and input. It features work shop and discussions. It is an opportunity to learn from each other and of course from the research material presented. Students are encouraged to bring their instruments! 

Fransisca Skoogh is the founder of the Performance Centre. Francisca is a teacher and PhD student in artistic research at the Academy of Music in Malmö, Lund University. The research is focused on the pianist on stage; the traditions and ceremonies of classical performance, such as the piano recital, and how they affect her as a performer. She is a licensed psychologist and have worked part-time within the fields of for example pain rehabilitation and primary healthcare. She has used psychological theory, her clinical experience as psychologist and her experience as a performing artist in courses and lectures such as ”The Performing Human Being”.
Her first love in life was of course music. She is a classical pianist and she performs regularly as a soloist and chamber musician.
Francisca Skoogh


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