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Here you will find various scholarships.

Inga and Georg Kopelius Memorial Fund

Malmö Academy of Music annually awards scholarships from the foundation to promote and support young peoples education in general and excellent student performances in particular. The scholarships can also be used in other ways than individual students to promote young people's music education.

The scholarship can be applied for by students at the age of 28 years or younger. The Malmö Adademy of Music has decided that the scholarships from the fund will go to:

  • Organ students of the church musician education.
  • Guitar students with a focus on western art music.
  • Music teacher's training.

Please note that the scholarship has a separate application form in the application system.

The School of Music's educational scholarships

Elsy Jönsson; one scholarship per student per academic year, preferably for music pedagogical purposes.

Britta Nilsson; part of the fund will be distributed annually as scholarships, primarily to prospective music teachers.

Märta Klang; scholarship to students at the Malmö Academy of Music. 

Gunnel and Bertil Svensson's Foundation for Promising Musicians

The purpose of the foundation is to promote education and development at the Malmö Academy of Music by distributing at least one scholarship or contribution to talented and promising instrumental or vocal students each year. The scholarships are distributed equally between men and women.

Cannot be applied for. The scholarship is awared by the Academy management and handed out at the end of the spring semester. 

The Sten, Stellan and Märta Hähnel's memorial fundation

A scholarship to promote the education of young music students who awards students at all Swedish Music Academies since 2012. Each school has SEK 18,000–25,000 to distribute to a student. The fund is administered by the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

Cannot be applied for. The Academy management provides the Royal College of Music with a nomination.

Ebba and Birgit Jansson's Fund

Scholarship to "young promising musicians who practice classical music".

Cannot be applied for. The scholarship is awared by the Academy management and handed out at the end of the spring semester. 


Lund University Global scholarship for current students

The Lund University Global Scholarship is for current international students with top academic results from Lund University. The scholarship is intended to help cover tuition fees for continued studies at Lund University.


April 16 - May 4, 2020