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Artistic Development

Artistic research and artistic development work are research and development work carried out within the fine, performing or creative arts.

Artistic Research and Development Work is a translation of the Swedish term Konstnärligt utvecklingsarbete which was coined during the higher education reform of 1977. The schools of the fine and performing arts were then integrated into the universities around Sweden, and went from being strictly teaching institutions to institutions where research was to be conducted – but what kind of research was the question. Seeing artistic processes as being part of the building of academic knowledge was not a popular concept; in contrast to "true academic research", artistic projects were seen as neither general nor verified.

The solution was to equate artistic research work with a particular kind of research - development work. In international contexts, it is often said that research has three main areas – basic research, applied research and development work. To compare artistic practice with the development work associated with the arrival of new products, processes or systems was as far as things could go over 30 years ago.

Artistic research and development work became characterised by broad, boundary-spanning subject choices and methodology freedom. Relatively short projects were organised and documented in forms which were specific for each artistic area; for example in music, concerts, album production, and festivals or conferences.

These forms of research activities have been of increasingly less importance ever since the introduction and implementation of artistic research in music 2002 within the institution. Research publications and CD:s related to this area are found via links on this page.

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