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Research at the Malmö Academy of Music is carried out by faculty members, researchers and PhD students within the disciplines of Music Education and Artistic Research in Music.

The discipline of Music Education has a future-oriented approach, focusing on creativity, the international community, intercultural music education and advocacy – promoting quality music learning opportunities for all. Furthermore, the emphasis on empirical work includes an ambition towards practice-based research.

The discipline of Artistic Research in Music attempts to study the complexity of real-world artistic production and practice. The strength of this program resides in the experimental attitude towards how art creation and research impact one another. Further, we study how technical tools can acquire epistemic status and impact the semantic underlay of the creative output. Such dialectics between epistemicity and technicity is at the inner core of an experimental system; it is its driving force. 

The outputs represent a diverse range of formats, including:

  • Printed word (doctoral theses, degree projects, books, book chapters, articles in scholarly journals)
  • Composed scores (hand-written, computer assisted, explorations in music notation including multidimensional and/or graphic symbols)
  • Public presentations (concerts – composed and improvised, lecture recitals, workshops, performance art)
  • Acoustic ecology (sound art, found art, sound walks, etc.)
  • Audio-visual (film, video, net-art, recorded documentation of live performance)
  • Extra-sensory (work existing in the ether – yogic, meditative, Qi in exceptional practice, embodiment)
  • Virtual environment (net-art, 3D interactive, game environments)

Research is represented by regular participation in international conferences and by multifarious activities, including critically acclaimed performances around the world. These activities help to establish the Malmö Academy of Music as an internationally leading research institution within music education and artistic research in Music.

Post Graduate Education
The Malmö Academy of Music offers research programs in Artistic Research in Music (Eng) and Music Education (Swe). Information on admissions is published according to places available. We gladly welcome visiting researchers.


Eva Sæther
Professor of Music Education
Subject Director for Research Studies in Music Education
E-mail: eva [dot] saether [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se
Telephone: +46 (0)40 32 54 84


Michael Edward Edgerton
Professor of Artistic Research in Music
Subject Director for Artistic Research in Music
E-mail: michael [dot] edgerton [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se
Telephone: +46 (0)76 102 97 25